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Tiny Lions

Tiny Lions program offers a strong foundation in the essential character building qualities for your child. Such qualities are Courtesy, respect, and discipline. Your child will be able to improve their motor skills in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Little Lions

A fun class geared towards children, the Little Lions program is based on traditional Tae Kwon Do techniques and concepts. Your child will learn basic fundamentals of kicking and punching and gain such skills as balance, flexibility, and improved listening and concentration.

Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do Adult Tae Kwon Do (Age 13 and up)

• Achieve physical fitness through positive participation. . Improve mental discipline and emotional confidence. • Learn self defense skills.
• Develop a sense of responsibility for oneself and others.

Adult Hap Ki Do (Age 16 and up)

Improve and retain a youthful appearance with weight control and a firm, tone body. Increase self-defense, strength, and physical conditioning. Learn about oriental philosophy and universal theory. Lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Improve family relationship.
Sparring Classes Are Available